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Women’s barbershop singing calls for four parts: the lead, the bass, the baritone and the tenor. The lead usually sings the melody and the tenor voice harmonizes above the lead. The bass sings the lowest harmonizing notes and the baritone provides in-between notes to make chords.

No matter your vocal range, your voice will work within a part.

Likely the most unique aspect of barbershop harmony is the phenomenon of expanded sound – the four notes in the chord reinforce each other to produce audible overtones or undertones.

Barbershoppers call this "ringing a chord."

Singing in a quartet or chorus and creating that "fifth voice" is one of the most thrilling musical sensations you'll ever experience, leading to goosebumps the size of golf balls.

Image: Tenor section of City Voices Chorus Image: Lead section of City Voices Chorus
The playful harmony of the tenors soars above the melody. Leads love to sing their part in the shower!
Image: Baritone section of City Voices Chorus Image: Bass section of City Voices Chorus
Many think the talented baritones sing the hardest part in barbershop music – they find the note in the chord no one else can! Basses provide our musical foundation and rhythm!
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